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What our clients are saying

At Live Simply we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients.  Here is what some of them are saying about us.

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Full Organization Client - Sudbury, MA

"Amanda’s suggestions were so practical and adaptable to the way we live. My biggest hurdle with organization was the impossibility of re-creating the systems I see in magazines or on Pinterest; it overwhelmed me to the point of not being able to start.  Amanda’s suggestions fit our household, lifestyle, and budget.  She helped us implement them in small steps, and because they were made for our family (not a glossy magazine), they were easy to maintain. 

Our biggest trouble spot was our Master Bedroom: we had overcrowded closets and felt like we were drowning in bureaus and dressers.  Her fresh ideas resulted in a closet system that helped us reduce the amount of furniture in the room at the same time.  We could not be happier with the results.  Although the Master Bedroom was the most transformational project, her smaller suggestions have also made a world of difference in our fridge, pantry, and other storage spots.  Now, instead of feeling overwhelmed when I open a closet or pantry door, I feel delight.  I can find what I need, I know what I have, food doesn’t expire because it got lost, and most importantly:  I know that I can maintain these systems.  That is all because of Amanda’s practical, affordable, and customized guidance."

Full Organization Client - Newton, MA 

" Amanda and her team bring a whirlwind of order into any chaotic and disorganized space. We originally hired her to help us conquer our basement, which was stockpiled waist high with boxes, papers and appliances that we had amassed for the last 15 years.  Amanda and her team were undaunted by the task, and not only conquered the chaos, but organized it, sorted through to find the things that we really needed to hold on to and then organized them so that we could use easily retrieve them when we needed them.

Amanda did such an incredible job that we hired her to stage our home as we put it on the market.  She made a huge difference in the efficiency of our time and in our productivity.  When we moved we continued many of the systems she created in our former home because we found them so helpful, and simple to maintain.  She even found new uses for things already in our possession so that we didn't have to go out and purchase a inch of organizing tools and materials.

One of the main strengths Amanda brings to her work is customization. She worked with my husband and me according to our different styles and preferences, and to our different spaces.  She finds creative solutions that are not cookie cutter, but appropriate for her individual clients.  I even brought her into my job office so that she could set up a system for me there and I am still using it years later.

From the husband's perspective, Amanda is very good at customizing her approach to the individual. For my home office, she made some suggestions and started the process, then I took over and did most of it, while she and my wife worked on her side of the office.  She made a simple suggestion regarding mail sorting which has been very useful to this date. Her general principle is to put things where you need them, but she finds very creative, elegant and simple ways to implement this which have been great for us. I highly recommend her.

Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by hiring Amanda to infuse your home and life with her transformative Livesimply framework.  She is nonjudgemental, easy to work with and fun. She is affordable and had made our lives simpler, easier and more manageable.  It is an investment in order, efficiency and peace of mind that will pay off for years to come."