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*All services are custom tailored to the individual client.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and start living simply.

A one-time on-site Consultation is also available for the client who is only interested in hearing ideas and recommendations for solutions to be tackled on their own.  We will discuss your areas of concern, and will provide a list of options and creative solutions.  We will motivate you to follow through with recommendations and provide you with tools to implement in the future.  The fee for the one-time consultation service is $200 for two hours.  In the event the consultation exceeds two hours, the hourly rate of $75 per hour applies*.

The full organization service is best suited to the client looking for assistance with every step of the simplifying process.  We begin with a thorough initial consultation assessing all areas of your concern, and provide options and creative solutions to move forward.  There is often homework included between visits.  Next, purging is nearly always necessary and included in our full service and we will assist you in letting go of the clutter.  Finally, the end result!  The full organization service ends with creating systems tailored to your lifestyle so that you may continue to lead an organized life and live simply.  The full organization service begins with a consultation at a flat fee of $200 for up to 2 hours, followed by an hourly rate of $75 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum* per visit.  

One-Time Consultation Service

Purge Pal

Full Organization Service